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Big Tits Mature Britta In London

Hello there gentlemen. I’m Britta, a busty mature escort and female companion located in London. I’m of Danish extraction, hence my beautiful flowing blonde hair […]

March 28, 2018

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Josie Cunningham Should Have Got Listed On Vixen

    Uncategorized    March 29, 2018

Josie Cunningham

You see, this is what happens when escorts don’t get listed on Vixen Escorts. Josie Cunningham is a former Leeds Escort and is famous for having her boobs enlarged courtesy of the NHS. Now if she’d let Vixen promote her for FREE, which is what we do then she would have made more than enough money to fund her breast enlargement operation herself. She now wants to have a nose job which she also wants the public to fund. She has set up a website called fundmynose.co.uk where you can donate towards her new nose. I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one Josie.

Whilst I’d never say no to bigger boobs I think a nose job is just pushing things a bit too far. The girl is completely outrageous though. She considered aborting the child she is currently pregnant with because it prevented her from going into the Big Brother house this year. Well, that’s a spoiler for 2015 if ever I saw one. She also wanted her local council to fund a taxi service to take her children to school at a cost of £6000 per year because she was getting negative vibes on public transport. If any former or currant escorts do want to increase their earnings then getting a FREE listing on Vixen Escorts is a great way to do it.

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Japanese Sex Doll Brothels

    Uncategorized    March 29, 2018

Japanese Sex Dolls

In Japan a company called “Orient Industry” is leading the way in real life, silicon sex dolls. The Japanese use the phrase “Dutch Wives” when referring to sex dolls, don’t ask me why, they just do ! These dolls have authentic feeling skin, lifelike eyes and dimensonally are totally realistic. They can be customised with regards to hair and skin colour, bust size and even vaginal opening. They are very expensive though, costing anywhere from $5000 upwards.
For those Japanese gentlemen that can’t afford the price tags there are now Japanese Sex Doll Brothels. Yes, you read it right, entrepreneurial businessmen are actually setting up places where guys can spend $50 and fuck a sex doll for 30 minutes !! Thereby being able to experience a variety of different dolls as opposed to just the one that they would have purchased.
Maybe those Japanese guys should spend that $5000 on a trip to the UK to experience the huge variety of lovely, sexy Vixen Escorts available across the country. There’s nothing silicon or pre-fabricated about these lovely ladies……. well apart from the odd boob job maybe.

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Where Should Ebony Escorts Advertise

    Uncategorized    March 28, 2018

Black Escort Advertising

Vixen Escorts is pleased to announce the launch of a new advertising package specifically for black and ebony escorts, and it’s already proving popular. Our ebony escorts page ranks number one in Google for the terms “black escorts” and “ebony escorts” along with many other terms in the top three slots that include the words “black”, “ebony” and “London”. This makes Vixen Escorts one of the best places for ebony escorts to advertise in the UK. The new package is called “Ebony Supreme” and is available over 12 months at a cost of £250 or monthly at a cost of £40 per month and is limited to a maximum of 15 slots.
So what do you get for your money ? You get everything a free member gets plus everything an Elite member gets, for example, if you are based in London then you’ll be listed in the Elite section of our London page at the top. But Ebony Supreme gets you a much larger photo at the top of the ebony page (remember it ranks number one in Google), it will also now show your location, age and a rate before they even click on your photo. Plus you get a full year of Random Vixen and Red Hot Vixen included in the price. 12 Months Red Hot Vixen alone is worth £150. That’s maximum exposure for a full 12 months, listed on the Vixen Escorts front page and right at the top of our Ebony page. As ever payment can be made by direct bank deposit or transfer, credit card or debit card or via mobile payment options Pingit and Paym.

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Escort Jailed for Blackmail

    Uncategorized    March 28, 2018

Logan Montoya

Here’s something you don’t often read about, an escort jailed for blackmailing her clients, I’m sure it does happen but how silly do you have to be to actually get yourself caught, prosecuted and jailed. A former pornstar and glamour model, Logan Montoya aka Millie Louise, real name Amelia Horn was jailed for 30 months after admitting blackmail at Teesside Crown Court. She blackmailed two dentists by pretending she had been 17 when they had paid her for unprotected sex. Of course if they had done a little research they’d have seen that for several years she had been appearing in porn movies for reputable companies and that to do that she would have to have been 18 years of age at least. She was actually 24 years old, she had two accomplices who assisted her, Luke Burton and Loretta Isaac.

The dentists handed over £16,500 in return for the trio keeping their meetings with Amelia a secret. One victim transferred £10,000 to her in return for her silence. After she was caught, Amelia told police, “To be honest these men make me sick, they pay me for unprotected sex. I just wanted to scare them, you know.” The three were stupid enough to video themselves on a mobile phone dancing and celebrating and chanting “blackmail, blackmail”. This is what happens when you frequent escort websites that list hundreds of women offering bareback sex, you end up with stupidity and blackmail. That’s why the smart ones locate their escorts on Vixen Escorts.

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What if You Cannot Afford an Escort

    Uncategorized    March 28, 2018

Local Swingers

So you’ve been checking out Vixen Escorts because you’re looking for some company, right ? Or maybe a little adult fun, or maybe something longer term. By now you’ll know that we have a huge selection of some of the sexiest escorts you’ll ever see in the UK. Big boobs, hot bodies, great company, but you’re simply not in a position to spend hundreds of pounds booking a girl. So what are you going to do ? We all have needs and urges right ? Well now you have another option, why not try British Sex Contacts. This is a FREE adult contacts section with over 3 million members across the world. There are females, males, trannies, gays, bisexuals.
If you can think of a fetish then there’s somebody at our Local Swingers website that is into it too. I know for a fact there are a load of horny British housewives on there looking for some cock action and the great thing is, they’ll do it all for free because they’re as horny as you. Gang bangs, cuckolding, sex parties and swingers parties it’s all going on here. It couldn’t be easier to make contact and introduce yourself to our horny female members, once you’ve registered – you can send messages, chat in public chat rooms which also have video chat, chat privately using our Instant Messenger as well as post on their walls and like their media. So you can meet a horny lady here in the virtual world and then hook up in the real world. Getting sex need never be a problem again. Everybody loves it and wants it, it’s just a question of matching up the right people and that’s exactly what Vixen Adult Contacts does.
Our website takes the privacy and security of our members extremely seriously, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. We actively seek out and destroy spammers, scammers and fake profiles and our Moderation Team work 24/7 to ensure that when you make contact with another member on the site that you can be confident about who you are dealing with. There are tens of thousands of members from every area of the UK, why not register for free and check it out, you may see people on there that you already know in real life. We’d like to hear about your sexy encounters, so when you do get laid tell us about it and we may even publish the raunchiest stories here.

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About Vixen Escorts

    Uncategorized    March 28, 2018

Busty Escorts

Welcome to the first post on the new Vixen Blog, I thought I’d give you a brief history lesson on Vixen Escorts.

Vixen Escorts was set up in 1997 initially as a global escort directory, however being UK based invariably meant  that the vast majority of escorts who added themselves were located in the UK. Vixen Escorts was one of the very first escort directories on the internet and actually predates sites like Punternet and Punterlink. In the beginning we had a homepage on a personal Demon account but transitioned to our own domain, vixen-escorts.com in 2004. Since then we have also always been hosted on our own dedicated server. The idea behind Vixen was to create a standard web page for each escort showing her details, photos and rates in a clear and concise manner, so it didn’t matter if the escort had her own website or not, if she was on Vixen she would get equal exposure with everybody else. We also were not very keen on the “punter centric” nature of some of the other websites around and wanted to make the site “escort centric”.

Vixen grew in popularity because we only listed (what we considered to be), quality, genuine escorts. Now this is a very subjective and some would argue unfair system, but, a listing on the site is free and a good way of controlling the workload was to not list every escort. One simple way to not get yourself listed on Vixen is to send in fake photos. We have also been involved in the glamour model and porn site side of things so we can spot when and where photos have been lifted from. This procedure meant that potential clients trusted Vixen more because they had a higher success rate finding an escort through Vixen.

Vixen doesn’t list male escorts or escort couples, only females and transsexuals. Vixen doesn’t physically vet any escort before adding them and doesn’t play any part in the booking procedure. When you contact an escort on Vixen either by phone or email you are contacting her or her escort agency directly.

Vixen Escorts ranks very well in Google in three main areas, transsexual escorts, black escorts and pornstar escorts. Regularly appearing in the top 3 places in Google for a variety of search terms. Currently we have three main sections to the site. There is our main photo directory with a nice mobile version and our new adult plaza. The Adult Plaza is a second tier part of the site. Any back links you might get from the plaza will be “nofollow” and it doesn’t get as much traffic as the main section but we will list most escorts there until their ad. expires.

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Annabelles Escorts Fenny Stratford

    Uncategorized    March 28, 2018

Doesn’t there seem to be a lot of escorts and escort agencies in Milton Keynes ? Well, MKWeb are reporting that an “escort establishment” called Annabelles Escorts has opened up in a former pub in Fenny Stratford. Formerly known as The Bridge Inn Pub it is located at 12-14 Watling Street if you fancy going along. The reason this is news is that it is also located opposite a day care nursery. However, the office manager at the nursery is quoted as saying: ““No parents have made us aware of this and I don’t know anything about it.” A local councillor also said: ““I don’t know anything about it, but if that is what is truly happening there then I am totally against that.” So clearly this business is causing such a problem being situated where it is that nobody knows anything about it !

It got me thinking about how nice it would be on a sunny summers day to go along to your local pub at lunch time, grab a drink and a snack and then pay to have a bit of company upstairs too, if you wished. Oh and before the sexists start, these pubs could be gay and transgender themed too. What a great way to revitalise the ailing on license trade. But of course the powers that be must treat us as though we are all children, it will never happen. As I said before there do seem to be a huge number of escorts, agencies and parlours operating in Milton Keynes. But personally if I wanted to see an escort in Milton Keynes I wouldn’t be popping along to the pub I’d be beating a path to the front door of Sabrina of Milton Keynes.

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Zurich Drive In Brothel Opens

    Uncategorized    March 28, 2018

Zurich Brothel

I used to regularly drive past a Swiss themed pub and I couldn’t think of one single Swiss drink or food that they would serve in there. I never went in and to this day I still can’t imagine what would be served in a Swiss themed pub, cheese maybe ? However, if the law allowed it they might want to turn it into a Swiss themed brothel, similar to what Annabelles Escorts near Milton Keynes have done. The Swiss seem to take a very welcome pragmatic view of things. Look at the way they handle right to die issues for example.

Well now in an effort to clear the central area of Zurich of prostitutes they have opened up a drive in brothel on the outskirts of the city. Complete with cafe, security staff and social workers. It has bathrooms and laundry facilities and is open all night. Fitted with wood panelled “fuck boxes” it is expected to become the central hub for prostitutes in Zurich. They pay 5 Swiss francs a night to use the facility which is currently about £3.30 so if you were working for a whole month would be about £100 which doesn’t seem too bad a deal. It is located on a former industrial area called Sihlquai if you fancy trying it out.

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